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Our firm exists since 1989 and through pernament developing and making changes in production process we effectively are equal with groving expectations of our clients. We cooperate with many companies in Poland and abroad, too.


 In our pernament offer there are many various kind of cardboards, like displays, book jackets and others. In production process we use cardoards with 2,3, and 5 levels, monolithic cardboard or wavy cardboard. In side " technical advices" you can watch scheme of all our packagies.


pudlo5.jpg  On our packagies we make multicolour surprints, in technic: offset and flexographic printing,. We use clear and pernament paints based on water, thanks to it we don;t destroy environment.


  Thanks to using new production lines we offer high-quality product in low price. Standard deadline is10 -14 days . We deliver packagies by own transport and take into account all Client's wishes in range of method of packing.

Here you can find very intersted gifts


In side " technical advices" you can watch scheme of all our packagies..